Our story

Our story

Our Story 

Tooro Artisan goods was inspired by a simple idea, to collaboratively design and craft fine natural artisan goods that showcase traditional craftsmanship and modern design sensibilities.   

The brand, founded in Calgary by partners Anna and Codi places an emphasis on  empowering makers and being environmentally responsible. Having Ugandan heritage, Anna was keen on creating and sharing natural, sustainable products that celebrate a love for both contemporary design and craftsmanship heritage. 


Artisan Heritage & Conscious Craft

Our brand designs and crafts collaboratively with Ruwenzori women weavers in fort portal Uganda. The weavers are master craftswomen learning traditional weaving skills passed on from previous generations; these goods are one of a kind and can take up to 60 hours to complete per piece. 

We are incredibly proud of our collection and hope you enjoy our beautiful consciously crafted goods that sustainably support women artisans, communities and our environment.


Material Matters 

Our products are finely crafted with natural, renewable & sustainable plant fibres that are locally sourced. The materiality of what we create matters; as artisan makers, it is important that our materials and dying processes do not harm our environment. As such, all our materials are 100% natural and our dying process uses natural plants and gentle processes.                                                                                       

Thank you for joining us on this journey !

Anna & Codi